Sparking Memory:
Artists Respond to Hazel Hall

When people first learn about Portland, Oregon, poet Hazel Hall they often experience noticeable sparks of wonder and want to read her poetry and know more about her life.

Her story invites questions and conjures compelling images: a short life mostly lived in a wheelchair while supporting her family with sewing. Award-winning poems about what she saw from her window. Internationally admired in her lifetime; hidden and almost forgotten in ours.

I curated artwork from three artists, Terry Ann Carter, Chayo Wilson, and myself for this exhibit. Each of us used our respective mediums to explore, understand, and share Hall’s story. For me, I had a visceral urge to seek historical context and document what I found, felt, and experienced during the process. For Terry Ann, Hall’s words needed to become a physical object that can be touched and treasured as an heirloom. Chayo discovered a muse within Hall and hoped to release her spirit and story through her sculptures.

These works were exhibited at Lane Community College’s Ragozzino Performance Hall on the occassion of The Room Upstairs performance.

Project by

Laura Glazer


Terry Ann Carter, Laura Glazer, Chayo Wilson


Portland, Oregon
Eugene, Oregon