We Love Where We Live

I published a series of zines featuring images by ten artists living in upstate New York. Curating from a body of work or Instagram account, I selected eight images from a one person to be featured in an issue of the zine. Ranging from daily observations to portraits of people named Laura to antique postcards of Albany at night, each issue was intended as a visual report on how residents see their lives.

Copies of the zine were available for free at a local business and a small group of people received copies in the mail. A friend and fan of my radio show worked in the print shop where designed and produced a custom folio that contains all 11 issues, allowing the collected issues to be easily shelved in a bookcase.

Project by

Laura Glazer


Albany Archives, Cara Amour Brilliant, Jeff Brouws, Colie Collen, Caroline Corrigan, Michael Guidice, Jan Galligan, Patrick Piccou Harrington, Secora Kohinke, Ryan Parr, Laura Pascuzzo

Printing and Production

Paul Hems, Healthcare Association of New York State Printing Services


Albany, NY