Mini Museum of Sound

In collaboration with Oregon State University Press, I invited 13 regional artists to record themselves reading a poem by Hazel Hall. A Portland-based singer songwriter composed original songs inspired by two of Hall’s poems. The release of the recordings coincided with the publication of a paperback edition of The Collected Poems of Hazel Hall. The poems and songs are available to listen to on Soundcloud.

The original plan was to “install” these recordings in a vintage telephone booth at NOUN A Person’s Place for Things, a gift shop in Portland. Once inside the booth, visitors lift could the phone receiver and hear a poem. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from completing this part of the project. 

Project by

Laura Glazer


Marty Brown, NOUN A Person’s Place for Things, Oregon State University Press


David Biespiel, Anne Greenwood, Leanne Grabel, Brandi Haile, Anita Helle, Andrea Hollander, Sue Mach, Kim Stafford, Matthew Svoboda, Chayo Wilson, John Witte


Portland, Oregon