This photobook documents a tour that I gave in Florence, Italy. I led a small group of tourists through the city to a photo booth during which each person posed for their own strip of portraits. The documentation and story of the tour was told initially told using Instagram Stories, with careful attention to crediting each participant in the project. I used these images to design and publish a print edition of the Story, with their textual captions unfolding thenarrative across many images. Interviews with the participants and an explanatory essay were typeset in Instagram and saved as images shared on Instagram and reproduced in the book.  The original Instagram “Story” is saved in a Story Highlight. The book is available online through Amazon and in Portland at HI Books.

Project by:
Laura Glazer

Farah Alkayed, Madeline Blackham, Kelly Braich, Raylee Heiden, and M. Michelle Illuminato

Kelly Braich, Laura Glazer

Graphic Designer:
Laura Glazer

Independently published

Florence, Italy