Book Looking

I write a newsletter and host an online conversation series called Book Looking exploring publishing as an artistic practice. Each episode is a one hour conversation on Instagram Live or in-person between me and a guest, discussing an art book of their choosing. Newsletter issues recap the discussion or feature my writing about artists’ books and publishing. This project grew out of a desire to share my research on this topic which was often through exciting one-on-one conversations with other people who are interested in publishing and books as art.

Eva Hesse: Diaries with Luz Blumenfeld
The Pond by John Gossage with Harrell Fletcher
Lens to Page: A Book Looking Conversation with Wendy Ewald, Katy Homans, and Rebecca Copper

Project by

Laura Glazer


Luz Blumenfeld, Rebecca Copper, Wendy Ewald, Harrell Fletcher, Katy Homans

Special thanks to

Sarah Mirk

Portland, Oregon